Foodie Penpal

This month I received an unbelievable package from someone I had never even met through the Foodie Penpal system. Okay, I’ll back up. So I was browsing on The Lean Green Bean‘s blog when I looked into her “Foodie Penpals” tab for the first time after having visited her site numerous times. Oh. My. Goodness. I get to participate in exchanging food with somebody chosen randomly from anywhere in the country? This is the best concept a food lover has ever heard of, especially because I assume the majority of people who participate in this kind of event are also exploratory and extremely appreciative of food.

My package was from Clare Esson who prepared an unbelievably organized box of goodies that did my taste buds some real justice.

photo (3)

There you see black-eyed peas with rice, a lemon and some canned tomatoes and hot chilies that go along with a recipe for black-eyed pea soup with tomatoes and spices, homemade apricot jam, peanut brittle, cereal to-go, and homemade chocolate biscotti (my favorite; I finished it all in two days).

The other interesting part about Foodie Penpal system is that the person who sends you food is not the same person you send food to. My match was to Blair Horton who has a similar passion for holistic nutrition as I do. You can see her decadent photos on her Instagram profile. I will admit I checked it out before I began preparing my box for her to see what sorts of things she liked! My conclusion was that she has a very similar diet to me and therefore I was going to make her some treats that I enjoy every day as well as buy her some from one of my favorite stores, Trader Joe’s.

Healthy Fudge

Healthy Fudge

I made Blair some healthy fudge that I discovered thanks to my bestie and her mama! Unfortunately, the few that I packed for her did not travel well (Seattle to North Carolina) but I included the recipe in my letter to her in case this happened :). I also made her some homemade granola but I forgot to take a photo of it.

Thank you Clare, Blaire, and Lindsay for making this fun activity possible!!


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  1. Love you and your love of food Wanting!!! 😀 (I really just wanted to leave a comment on a blog…)

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