Sunday Breakfast

This breakfast was pre-planned. We were at a “Meatfest BBQ” when we decided to make french toast and eggs for breakfast the next morning. Now this means something when you get excited about your next meal as you’re already stuffing your face with delicious food. And I mean delicioso. The Meatfest was a yearly tradition for the family who hosted; one of those festivities that need a few days’ preparation. The pulled pork, beef brisket, coleslaw, salad (with rich and creamy tomatoes I’m not kidding you), and collard greens. There was also grilled chicken wings and legs, corn bread, ribs, and marionberry, blueberry, and apple pie but I was beyond full by the time I finished my two full plates.

The ferry was cancelled for the night so we ended up making the long drive home. Despite our tiredness we didn’t forget to stop by the store to look for Challah bread but since they didn’t have any we used normal European artisan bread.

photo (2)   His & Hers   photo (2)



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